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中文名: Office文档模板
英文名: KMT OfficeReady 4.0 Professional
发行时间: 2007年
制作发行: KMT Software, Inc
地区: 美国

OfficeReady 4.0 Professional
安全检测软体: NOD32防毒系统
版本: 2.70.39
杀毒引擎版本: 2781(20080110)
测试系统: Windows XP
版本: 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2
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OfficeReady 是一款办公应用软件专用模板集,包含为 Word、Excel 和 PowerPoint 量身定制的即装即用型模板。适用于即时通讯、履历撰写、财务分析、名片制作、宣传册印制、发票印制等作业。使用 OfficeReady,在实际工作中可让我们事半功倍。
OfficeReady 4.0 包含近 1000 个 TrueType 字体、5000 张图片以及插画等,内容包罗万象。程序还支持 PDF 创建和 PDF 转换。
- Template Browser (模板浏览器) 使选择变得简单
- Photo Editor (图像编辑器) 可对图片进行调整
- Theme Editor (主题编辑器) 能自动建立丰富的色彩
- Image Browser (图像浏览器) 可以搜寻更好的图像
- PDF Roundtrip (PDF 格式转换) 能够建立或是转换 PDF 格式文件
- 250+ 微软 Word 模板
- 75+ 微软 Excel 模板
- 75+ 微软 PowerPoint 模板
- PDF 格式创建
- PDF 至 Word 的转换 (双向)
- 自动框架
- 图片编辑
- 独特的相片接口
- 彩色主题
- 专业印刷
- 免费的技术支持
- 最大限度地节省你的时间与金钱
Home Page:

OfficeReady Professional was created to help small businesses get more done in less time, and look more professional in the process.
Packed with 400+ professional template designs for Microsoft Office, an advanced Photo Editor, PDF Roundtrip, Color Theme Manager and more, you can now easily design professional-quality business documents and marketing pieces. Creating polished sales reports, calendars, job descriptions, newsletters, business cards, and more is easy and economical.
OfficeReady Professional makes it a breeze for you to insert pictures into spaces of all different shapes and sizes, setup custom color schemes to match the colors of your business, and create print-ready invoices and financial documents, with all the spreadsheet calculations already included.
Save Money & Hours of Work
Do the math. Professional design services cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. And starting from scratch means hours of hard work using complex design software. OfficeReady Professional gives you 400+ professionally-designed Microsoft Office templates plus all the tools for making impressive documents for only $69.95.
The intuitive interface leads you from start to finish — no design experience necessary. Accomplish the look and feel of a professional design service in half the time and 1/10th the cost. Our templates will make all your documents look like they were created by professionals in only minutes.
We’ve also incorporated PDF Roundtrip, into OfficeReady Professional for converting documents into PDF format, then back to an editable Word document with the click of a button.
OfficeReady Professional is the #1 add-on for Microsoft Office, and the ultimate solution for anyone who creates documents at the office.
OfficeReady Professional Features
- 250+ Microsoft Word Templates
- 75+ Microsoft Excel Templates
- 75+ Microsoft PowerPoint Templates
- PDF Creator
- Convert PDF to Word (Roundtrip)
- Automatic Profiles
- Photo Editor
- Unique Photo Sockets
- Color Themes
- Professional Printing
- Free Technical Support
The Smart Solution for Small Businesses
We created OfficeReady Professional for two reasons.
1. To help small business people get more done in less time
2. To help small businesses look more professional while keeping costs down